Gdevelop 5 project exported to Cordova - Icon Error


I have a Gdevelop 5 project exported to Cordova, I tried to build it in xcode and when sending to the app store the icon that appears is not the app’s, does anyone know how to solve this?


Does the game itself work? Only the icon? It could be a restriction from Apple. Do you have an Apple developer account?


Thank you so much for answering, yes I have a developer account on apple, I managed to solve it, God bless


Maybe the future readers (Hello future! :wave: Enjoy your flying cars!) would like to know how you solved it.:blush:


True, you’re absolutely right I’m sorry that I didn’t find the tutorial I followed on YouTube, but basically I had to create the icons again only using this site: I opened the project in xcode and replaced the folder of icons generated from the project by the icon folder generated on the website and it worked