GDevelop 5 GAME JAM


Hello everyone i am hosting a game jam on and i hope you join.

  • Yes, i will join the game jam
  • No, i will not join the game jam

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the winner’s game would be showcased on my channel for free!!! (optional for winner)


Can someone explain to me why he gets after one day already 10 people and when I hosted mine had 2 after a month? (Nothing against you or your jam, THE GEM, I just don’t understand HOW). I mean, is having a video of your game on the showcase channel of THE GEM who waits since like a month for somebody to give him something to showcase on his showcase chanel so much more attractive than a MULTIPLAYER EXTENSION?!? (Again nothing against anyone I am just totally puzzled).


In my case I really like the way you handled your Game Jam, and was ready to join the next, since the timing is better for me now.

For others it might be exposure, since The Gem has over a thousand subs, more people have seen the Jam announcement. If you noticed only half joined through the forum. The others were probably from Youtube.