Game not working on android


I exported my game its working fine everywhere but i cant run it on my android.
i tested all export methods all are fine but cant play the game on android
.apk file of my game are installed but when i run it only black screen appears and nothing no matter how long i wait, i cant test my game on android this way. please help and tell me how can this be fixed

thank you


Did you have tryed “Preview over wifi” ?
You launch your preview and with the IP given by GD your enter this IP on your phone in browser.
You can also use debugger mode from Chrome for see errors / warning in your game in realtime.


whe i use preview over wifi it gives me an ip address and asks to enter it in my browser address bar. i tried it in my pc browser it worked fine but when i used it in my android browser the page doesnt load no matter how long i wait
my android share the same network as my pc over wifi.
and about errors i dont think if there are any cause it runs fine everywhere else
i also did the web export option and opened that link in the android and it was working but anyhow i cant run my game on android as and android file.
Not only just my project i also tried this thing with a built in example games in g develop(the simplest ones, jumping platformer), it also didnt work.


Have you set icons for your game ?
Icons are require for .apk build, this can be the cause.


yea i have set all the icons (android and ios) in my app


gg problem solved my apologies
The problem was in my android i mean i dont know what was the prob but its just my game wasnt running in my mobile but i tested it in another mobile and worked just fine.
But if thats the case then how do i make sure that any game i make it can run on any android version
btw iwas running the game on android version 4.something something that it didnt ran and then i tried on a android with version 8.something and it ran perfectly fine