"Freedom Fighters" (in past) - "Freedom Planet" fan game (in past) (in the process)


Yesterday I started creating a demo of “Freedom Planet” fan game, “The Decire for Freedom”. Here is a screenshot of the still unfinished start screen with parallax (seems like I need edit parallax background), my not so old “native” sprites and concept art of main character - Sapphire the Angora Cat. First I drew Sapphire on paper, but then with the help of Bezier curves and figures on program Paint(.)net I improved the picture. The background of the parallax screen is a modified piece of sprites from the OpenGameArt.org user under the nickname surt. I created the logo by editing the font in Paint(.)net

Button Chevron
YesNo Settings Slider Slider-Part Slider-Marker Health-Bar Health-Bar-2 Health-Bar

I need in help with character's design

Wow, that looks great so far! Nice work.

I’m always slightly envy of the people who can actually do art. Excited to see you continue.


Thank you very much! But I plan to use level graphics by surt. Also, you can use my graphics, if you need, really. You can indicate or not indicate my authorship - I do not care. I love when people can use resources freely: photos, music, videos, etc.


Even if you say that you don’t care, it’s not possible to use them if you don’t release them under a lisence. You can choose a lisence like creative commons, and the best about this one is it is customizable, you can choose to make it impossible to people to use it in commercial projects if they don’t come to ask you for another private lisence.


Okay. Part of the text from my OpenGameArt.org submits:

"CC0: if you do not want to indicate my authorship and want to freely modify my work.

CC-BY 4.0: the same thing, but just point me as you like: diana23570, Diana Paymurzina or even like Diana Paymurzina (diana23570)"

About Creative Commons license: you’re absolutely right! I love this license, because I can understand terms of use of authors’ works


In the future I will improve Sapphire’s sprites. Excuse me for some inaccuracies in the anatomy of cats. I mean the sapphire ears in a pose, so to speak, of a hedgehog (hope you understand my subtext) - they should be clipped, like real cats when people stroking their heads


Today, from the 2nd to the 3rd lesson (yes, I’m studing in school) I drew a schematic drawing of the obstacles and platforms for the training room in the game “Freedom Fighters”. I didn’t manage to finish the drawing - inspiration left me


Sorry for deleting the three main logos and the demo logo. I used the wrong font… Reason: using the font “Baschscript” from Microsoft for other purposes not listed in the license. Soon I will try to post another, but similar version of the logos…


Really very cute even I in my game went to create the graphics alone even if it is not that managed to achieve an extraordinary level of beauty.


@LucaTexas22, thanks for the comment!


This is a Sapphire drawing in the old version. She used to be a fan character in the universe of the game “Freedom Planet”. As you can see, she in this figure is similar to the Blaze the Cat from the universe of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sapphire wore both bracelets and anklets (bracelets for legs) in the same way as Milla Basset from the computer game “Freedom Planet”. I don’t remember where I got the idea for this outfit that you see on Sapphire. It is possible that the clothes on the torso were invented when I was inspired by the clothes of the Lilac from the second part of the aforementioned game. The bifurcated ends of the sleeves were taken from the old version of Lilac, when she was a Sonic fan character of the artist Zio Lin. I decided to transfer Milla’s ability to Sapphire, since Milla was my favorite character because of her unusual ability. The name Sapphire’s ability “Phantom Cubes” was coined, as I previously thought, by me. Once I launched the game “Freedom Planet 2” and decided to read about the abilities of the characters. Milla, as it turned out, has the ability called “Phantom Cubes”. Unlike Milla, whose cubes consisted of a jelly-like substance, Sapphire’s cubes consisted of some energy, and the cubes themselves felt like glass by touch. If Milla had a round barrier, then Sapphire, the shape of her barrier was hex. Later, I decided to abandon the use of magic. The reason is the religious prohibition of using magic itself


Today, near the end of the fifth lesson, I schematically drew a concept of an art attack of Neige the Polar Fox. Her attack resembles Lilac’s hair attack from “Freedom Planet”

Please excuse me for the wrong physics of the scarf. I created a directed version of the Neige scarf attack on the her sprite sheet


Sorry, I haven’t uploaded anything for a long time. I decided to change Sapphire’s clothes a little - it will be a training form. Below you can see old improved sprites with new, but unfinished.

As you may have noticed, there are almost unused sprites on the sprite sheet.

Under the sprite of the wounded Sapphire is a sprite of the character from the game “Megaman ZX” “Megaman ZX Advent” named Vent. In this case, he is from the second game. I used his sprite as a sample. Just ignore it. I would like to add: in fact, I am working with a Paint(.)net program file with the extension .pdn.

P. S: sorry for the vibrant background color - it’s more convenient for me to work


I need help. For a long time I had to decide on the era and style of the people. In the beginning, I wanted to make a half old, half advanced civilization in “The Decire for Freedom”, just like in “Freedom Planet”. Culture - like Japan. Then I decided to take the culture of England and choose the era of steampunk - everyone in the universe of my game uses steam energy. And then I wanted to mix 2 cultures: the culture of Japan and the culture of England, then to get a hybrid. I abandoned these ideas, and then I decided to do something in between these cultures, but they would look… primitive. I really need help in terms of the era.

Can make a semblance of modern Tokyo? In “Freedom Planet” - China, and I have either Japan, or England, or a hybrid of two cultures (Japan / England).

Also: for some reason I am… afraid to use music in the genre of “techno”. I do not use because of discrepancies between music and the era of the universe of the game. The most striking example of the community of music in the genre of “techno”, but mixed with music instruments and the era of the “Shantae: Half Genie Hero” series of computer games. I really like techno music, but what should I do in case of my game? I decided to use instrumental music, but not so medieval or old.

P.S: sorry for some contradictions in the text