[Free Download] - GDevelop Particle Effects Library


I’ve just tested the project files in beta 97 (with pixi 5) on Linux Mint 20, seems to be working as intended here. Tried renaming folder, and still worked ok, so not sure what the issue could be.


That is weird then. When I choose to debug through the network I can see the particle effect without any issues. It must be the video drivers on ubuntu 20.04.


Yeah, I can’t think of any other reason why it’s not working. So far I had no reports about it not working properly


Hey @andriymtv, the particle effects library is super amazing! Thank you for providing it. I downloaded the GDevelop Particles Source Files.zip and also the Executable. Wondering how to install or where to put in on my local? I’m using Mac.

Which file should I use, I’m totally lost here… The Mac version of Executable doesn’t work to me, it shows up “cannot be opened -1” error message.

Many thanks if you could help me out.


Hey, thanks for downloading my particles library. Quick question, did you manage to open the gdevelop project? If you go to the download page there is a zip file (GDevelop Particles Source Files.zip) you need to download that in order to open the project itself. Let me know if that works


Thanks I loaded up successfully just now by opening it through Gdevelop!