[Forum] Block spam links


i know, that there are endless of them and there new ones all the time, but is it possible to have a list of urls that cannot be posted?
and when a certain link pops up, it can be added to that list?

im tired of these tutuapp and showbox links.


Looking at the history of flagged posts it seems there is a variety of links to different products, not just tutuapp and showbox that get spammed, and few users. It seems more effective to suspend the accounts that post such things. The other possibility would be to force all posts with links to be manually reviewed by the moderation team, but I am not a big fan of this.


im not saying you cant post links, i am asking if it is possible to have a list of links that cannot be posted, like the 10 characters post prevention.

the spampost has to be seen and checked by a moderator anyway, so might as well put that link on a blacklist to have it not posted again.


Yes I did understand that, but what I mean is that there are way too many different links posted to put them all in the list I think, and it is more effective to ban users posting the links.


i disagree on that. its not easier. it is more work.
yes the users should be banned, but there will come a burbigo4 and post the links again.

having a blacklist will reduce the amount of moderation needed.

the list doesn’t need to be endless, having a list that keeps only the last 1000 will be sufficient enough, since those links usually have a short lifespan.


Ok, I’ve blocked following words:

Additionally, now all posts that have the word VPN have to be confirmed by moderators (as most of those posts are ads)


You forgot about one spam word: wordcounter. Example of spam link: Le voyage de Zar


So, I just decided to search any replies or posts with these spam words and I was amazed by one reply. It was reply to my post. As I remember, in the last reply there were no spam links


So, I have questions: why do spam links appear? Are spamming users bots? Are accounts of few users with spam just were hacked? Sorry for many questions


i assume most are actually people, that get paid a small amount for each click on the links.
they usually edit the links in later, to be detected later and have more time for potential clicks.
spam bots and hijacked accounts do exist too.


In the example you linked, it’s listed as “word counter”, which is probably too generic of a term to block in this instance. However, since they included another blocked term, the entire thing would be blocked anyway.


Okay, I understood. Thanks for explanation


maybe too generic but the url can be used :wink:
I’ll add this url on the block list.


Hello. I don’t know, but I think it’s edited comment with a spam links and I’m not sure. So, today I found this not so old comment: Sharing my Music and Sound Effects - Over 1500 Tracks. I didn’t found mention about www.soundimage.org (Eric’s site) on this site. I just thought these sounds were from Eric’s site.

UPD 1: found another comment with a same link: Sharing my Music and Sound Effects - Over 1500 Tracks

UPD 2: found again: Building a Library of Images for Everyone


Thanks, i took care of those spam accounts (blocked their IP, deleted accounts using the same IP, blocked their email, and blocked their product name)