FORTNITE Durr Burger Made in Gdevelop


This is the game shown in the new Fornite season 9 trailer. The banana and tfue the default skin walk into a bunker where they find 80’s arcade machines. One of the arcades is Durr Burger a fictions game that only exists in this animation. So I recreated the arcade game in Gdevelop.

So yea, this is a mini game recreaction of the Fortnite Arcade game shown in the Fortnite Season 9 trailer. Made this in Gdevelop in one evening.

Download Durr Burger


Looks nice! Can I add it to the showcase on the website?


Thanks! omg yes that would be great! :smile:


Finally added it to the showcase! :slight_smile:


so colorful. Thanks a bunch. I will put Fortnite Mobile apknite aside to play this