(FIXED) YARN File no longer loading?


Hey there! I’ve had a very… odd thing happen in my game, and I think it could be a bug, but I also wanted to check and see if anyone else has a solution to this.

I’ve had no problem editing all my dialogue within Gdevelop, and I was crafting and messing around with my first YARN dialogue that included options. I had no problem exiting and entering the file, until randomly… it just. Stopped letting me enter the file, and kept trying to make me create a new file instead.

The dialogue and options still load when I play the game, but when I try to edit my .json file inside Gdevelop, all of a sudden it assumes I’m wanting to override ‘RoleplayNeon.json’ with a new file of the same name-- instead of just, letting me into the file to edit it.

It’s VERY weird and I’m completely at a loss. I tested trying to edit other .json files in the program with zero issue, so I’m very worried this could be some sort of glitch. The options and dialogue I was creating was very complicated, and I’d have to redo a lot of work from scratch that sort of horrifies me. Please tell me if someone else has dealt with this, and if you have a solution. Thanks in advance!



EDIT: I’m editing in the actual Yarn program and I like it a lot better anyway, so I fixed the problem, please ignore this! Thank you!