Feedback on GDevelop UI


Some scene icon mock-ups:

First version
variables with scope 2 - scene.png

Improved version with feedback from various GitHub discussions. The idea here is to have an icon for “global variable”, “scene variable” and “object variable”, where they each have an icon that both tells that it’s a variable, and describes its scope.

variables with scope  - scene v5C.png


Testing out new icons and different icon sizes for the event sheet.

Current icons are 16x16 pixels. Here are some icons remade to use tbe basic theme colors (light blue, dark blue, white).
icon tests - 16 px.jpg

Here’s what they’d look like if the icons were 24x24 pixels instead.
icon tests - 24 px.jpg


Nice icons but I dislike the 24x24. I prefer the icons to be small.
You might want to post this on GitHub and Trello. Devs don’t read the forum that often.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve actually been talking about these things with the devs on GitHub.

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your screen resolution? Are you using GDevelop with a tablet, with a laptop (with probably a physically smaller screen), or from a desktop computer (with most likely a physically decent sized screen)? I’m using GDevelop mostly on a desktop computer, with a 1920x1080 resolution.

This discussion started because some of the icons I made work well on bigger sizes, but when downscaled to 16 pixels, they become a bit too small. So for once, this isn’t something I personally prefer or recommend. It’s just something I’m testing out. If it doesn’t work and if there isn’t any reason to change the icon sizes, I’ll have to rethink a few icon designs, but that’s not a problem.


I use GDevelop mostly on my desktop with the resolution 1680x1050 but I do plan to upgrade my monitor to 1920x1080.
I also use it on my 15" laptop sometimes at resolution 1366x768 but I do plan to upgrade to a new device with resolution 1920x1080
I don’t use it on my tablet but if I would the resolution is 1280x800 with no plan to upgrade in the near future.

Basically the smallest resolution I would personally use is 1280x800 with no plan to go below that and 1920x1080 is the biggest resolution I plan to be using in the near future with no plan to go above that for some years.


How about a space equal to construct2, so that the events always stay in the upper part.