[Extension] Keyboard for mobile


I’d be keen to understand how you’ve done this if you’re willing to share?

Frustratingly i’d got Bouh’s version working on android via a web browser, but that doesn’t work in Facebook Instant Games so it looks like i’m going to have to take this approach if I want text input in the app!


Hi @Bouh - thought i’d chip in here instead of Github…

So I got the example working - and in pure JavaScript on a webpage this works a treat…

…However if a game is published to Facebook Instant Games - the keyboard never shows up.

I suspect that Facebook forces some sort of overdraw to bring it to the front and so it never shows.

Maybe the only way to do this consistently is this suggestion and actually create it’s own UI?

Something akin to https://github.com/hodgef/simple-keyboard inside a GDevelop extension?

I know i’m not experienced enough to port it in right now, but I think something like this would be a good idea and i’d be happy to work on it with someone as i’ve got a need to get something working anyway…



I has the idea, but to do so would require the import of a new library.
If we can avoid importing a new one it’s better, this avoid having to support them and update them.

This idea made me think of another one.
Use directly an element of the DOM over the canvasa and manipulate it from GD as an object.

This mean my virtual keyboard extension will be outdated, and the inputs will be directly in GD as object, for the greatest good of everyone :slight_smile:


I’ll be honest, not sure what that means exactly but i’d be happy to help…?