Event or keyboard shortcut to disable the menu in preview


Hey All,

We’ve seen a lot of people on the discord having issues due to distortion/sprite scaling issues. It seems like most of these are when fullscreening/maximizing their game in preview and the menu bar + title bar when maximized, (or menu bar in fullscreen) are causing the games to be at odd resolutions, leading to weird scaling.

It seems like we really need a way to hide and/or disable the menu bar during preview. I think an event or setting for this would be super useful.

Now, this shouldn’t matter as the resolution resize options should just add bars on the sides to ensure the aspect ratio stays the same in most cases, but I think there’s a bug there that I’ll post in the bug reporting forums. Hiding the menu bar would give users a true preview that behaves the same as it does when exported.

I have no idea how difficult this would be to implement, obviously, but it seems like it’d be super useful.