Error Uploading Game To Web



I am new to this, so everything is difficult for me. Sorry.

I’ve made a game, previously I had no trouble exporting it to web, but now I have. When uploading the loading bar fills up, does nothing for about 10 seconds, and then tells me there was an ‘error exporting the game online. Please check your internet connection and try again.’

My internet works fine. Any idea what’s up?

Hope you can help,


The game building service can have difficulties when there is a lot of demand.
The team knows the problem and we have some suggestions for improvement.
If you have a small game and it is not available after 10 minutes know that something has failed, consider the building of the game as a failure and retry later.


Ok, I’ll just keep on trying.

Thank you!


mrbram: if you are still testing your game, and you have a subscription to an internet service provider (I use MacHighway) with your own domain name, you can load your game to your website and test it without having to depend on the service.