[Done] "Add a scene" button


It would be nice to have the “Add a scene” button in the right-click menu instead of down the list, and it would enable us to pick where we want to create it in the list.
My game has +20 scenes, so the “Move up one slot” just can’t do it (I cut and paste them around).
Dragging them around like in the objects list would be great (with a handle on the left side, if necessary).


That would be helpful, I hope they’ll add it.


I’ve added this for next release.

We were talking on Discord to start to contribute to GD with small additions, to understand React.
This button is a perfect example !
I’ll let you see how I added it to the code.
See here
There will probably be some changes following 4ian’s returns,
but that’s normal :wink:


@Bouh Thanks for the mention Bouh! I’ll take a look at the code later, good work! :smiley:


Code is in review and will be added for next release :slight_smile:


What do you mean by Florian’s return? What happened to him?:worried:


Nothing he just read my code and give feedback before add this for next release