Do I need pay for game export?


Hello. I have a question: do I need pay for game export from GDevelop? Maybe I missed something?


You can export about two times per day for free. But if you need to export it more the two per day you would have to subscribe and pay a small fee. I’m personally in the middle about it but they gotta make money somehow you know?


You can export completely free if you choose to export to local folder which is going to export a “raw” HTML5 format that you can upload to host on a website and played in the web browser, or you can learn how to use Node.js and Cordova for example to package the game for desktop and mobile and even Xbox using Visual Studio.

It is completely free if you don’t mind making your hands dirty and learn how to use those free tools.
If you do mind and looking for an easy, one click export, then you can use the online build service which do offer 2 build / day for free and more is cost money, yes.


Thank you all for the answers - now it became clear to me