Display Global Variable instead of Scene Variable


Hello everybody. I’ve read on the platformer tutorial that you can display a variable amount with a text object using " " + ToString(Variable)VariableName)). However, I found out that this only applies to SCENE variables. I want the character’s health and money stored globally. I have the text object set as a global object, but it only works with scene variables, not object variables or global variables.
Is it possible to use a text object to display the value of a GLOBAL variable instead of a SCENE variable? If so how?

Or if I’m over-complicating this, please let me know.


easy solution use temporary a scene variable, I don’t know if it is possible what you ask but in th emean time is a solution


You’re actually 90% of the way there. I believe it’s ToString(GlobalVariable(VariableName)).

Your best bet to look this stuff up is use the function editor (blue button on the right when you’re in an event, now has a little icon and 123 on it with the newest update).

If you go into that and scroll all the way up there’s a search function. You can search for anything in there such as “Variable” and it will show all options that match.


Thank you, it worked! I’m surprised that it was so easy! :grinning: