Discord Presence


How do I make a discord rich presence for my game?


Advertise it on social media.
Get the game “out there” first. The discord will fill automatically after.
There is a dgt talk on youtube about a game called the first tree titled something like
No time, no budget, no problem. Have a look


That doesn’t help. I want to make a discord rich presence for my game, not get my game popular and have one filled out automatically.


how can you expect hundreds of player in your discord, when there are not hundreds of players?


What ever you do. Don’t spam your link to the discord on other servers. This will only bring hate.
Try posting a link to your server in the game. So, player will join.


Did you even read what we were talking about? I said a discord rich presence, which shows what game you’re playing.


Oh, sorry. Maybe this can help: https://discord.com/rich-presence
Most likely, you have check this site out.