Digging through floor tiles


Is it possible to have the player dig through the ground,one block at a time, and only if the player has held a key for a certain amount of time? Kind of like in Dig Dug, I guess? I tried a timer but honestly I have no idea what I’m doing haha. It works on the first block but happens instantly on every block the player is standing on if the button is pressed. Here’s a screenshot

Thanks in advance. Very new to all of this, but thoroughly enjoying the learning process!


Dont delete the timer. Thats why it won’t reset.


And when “s” key is released, add a Reset timer for “Block dig” just before the pause timer function


Me 2😂 But I’m learning as I go. Gdevelop is great fun if one doesn’t have coding experience.


Worked like a charm. Thanks for the quick reply!


No problem. Always glad to help👍