Delete and update sprite content


Hi guys!
I have noticed that when I change the content (a png image) of a sprite, the editor caches the old image in the editor. When I run the game the new image is shown but not within the GDevelop editor. Also I have noticed that when I export my game to a folder (a html5 game) it exports old images to the game folder, that are not in use anymore. How should I handle this? I want to see my new images in the editor and I don’t want unnecessary files that are not in use in my published game.




I usually restart GD when I changed a lot. For very few images, open them in piskel, saving not required


Thanks, I’ll try that next time I make changes :slight_smile:



Go to the Resources tab. There you can right-click to remove unused resources.


Perfect, that was just what I was hoping to find.