Dance Dance Revolution check


You could try to edit the points for the sprites and move the origin point in the center.


I tried that but it mess with de grid positions, maybe exists a better way.


I’m sure there is. I’ll go on the pc and check

use Compare 2 numbers condition.
with DistanceBetweenPositions(object1.PointX(“Center”),object1.PointY(“Center”),object2.PointX(“Center”),object2.PointY(“Center”))


Based on your previous message i did this and worked, but i will include the X axis too.


you can use these for perfect/good/hit etc too.

btw, if you dont use any further conditions, GDevelop uses “if all conditions are ture” as default. so there is no need to use it, unless you use also the OR.


The final code for the check is this:

Now i will implement the perfect, great, good based on these distances, thx a lot.