Creating a ball animation


Hello, I want to create a ball animation like the animation shown in the image. Any idea how to do this? Can I do this with the particles emitter or not? If yes, how can I make such an animation?


Create (each frame) a small object at the position of the ball and reduce its size and opacity.


You could also create a particle emitter with a max of 1 object, no gravity or other forces, destroy on finish and place it where the ball is. Almost identical to what @Gruk suggested, but you won’t have to worry about reducing the size or destroying it when it’s finished (pretty much create, place and it’ll look after itself)


Thanks for your answers! How do I get the same shape animation as in the first image? I have this now:


Play round with the setting. For a 32x32 pixel circle sprite, I got this tail :


from these settings :

using these events:



Thanks for all the answers!