Compass Directions Game - Now in English!


Teach compass directions using cardinal and collateral points with your students in this educational game.

Now, this game has English translation!

1.2.0 Update

  • English language support
  • redesigned Scenario
  • Improved readability of texts
  • Improvements in the position of mobs
  • Fixed bug of mob indicating its own location
  • Various improvements


??? Where is the game ???


Sorry… I edited the original post and add the link…


Great work man! Now testing.



Added Windows Installer and Linux AppImage…


Nice but looks like after a while, the instruction goes on a continuous loop. Like go to SE, then go to W then go to E then again go to SE and the Loop goes on.


Thanks for the feedback,
The function of choosing the next character / direction is controlled by a randomization action of Gdevelop. I’ll take a look at what’s going on and look for a fix for upcoming updates.