Comment faire aller et venir l'ennemi?


Hello MrMen!
Thanks for the latest help, but I tried adding those 2 subevents and it seemed to be worse (beams turned sideways, etc.) so I reverted back to the playable character firing diagonally. Anyway, I had said I was going to try building the game as soon as the playable character could shoot the enemy, and it’s already at that stage. So I built it, and I’m glad I did, because the playable character keeps disappearing! She can still shoot, but becomes invisible for several seconds. Maybe I can incorporate it into the game as her “cloaking” ability! LOL Could you possibly play it, to make sure this isn’t just happening on my computer? I’m thinking I may have to optimize her sprites more.


[after messaging, so no one thinks I’m psychic]
The problem is the laser beam image has a large blank area that’s causing the image to be offset to an offscreen position. And not all the animation conditions I had advised were implemented.


I sent the message telepathically! He IS psychic!