Chat Bot on Gdevelop 5


Hello. I would like to know: is it possible to create a chat bot on GDevelop?


Do you mean a proper AI that recognise the meaining of sentences and words?
No, that would be a huge task the event system is just not powerful enough. You need JS and some sort if API to do that like this:

If you want something fake where you implement manually few possibilities, sure I can’t see why not but people certainly not going to type in exactly what you expect them to and in case the bot can not recognize slight differences it is going to make it look dump and to implement tons of options manually would be lot of work for very little benefit I would think. Unless it is a full blown AI that I can have a conversation with about flowers in a zombie shooter game, It would not impress me :laughing:


How about an invite link within the game to a Discord server? I know there’s a way to connect games to servers like that (Toontown Rewritten has the option), but couldn’t tell you how. :slightly_frowning_face: You may be able to have people use an overlay for an ‘in-game’ feel, although I’m not having much luck testing this with my browser game…


Phenomena, I’m sorry, but I meant the program, not the game with a chat bot. I found in the Russian-speaking forum Construct 2 (I live in Russia, by the way) a lesson to create a chat of the bot. Yes, I understand that Construct 2 and GDevelop 5 are different, but similar programs. I hope that I will have to create a chat bot


Oh ok, no problem. I don’t know much about Construct 2, so wouldn’t have even mentioned it to point out the differences or similarities :wink:


I’d be interested in taking a look into using DialogFlow ( with GDevelop. I’ve used their product before and it’s got quite a lot of capabilities built into it, especially around machine learning, and it has a REST API.

It could be possible to send user requests to it and print off the response given.


I’m not quite sure if it possible, but anyways, before you start creating a chatbot, make sure to read this article first: