Capcom and hacks


How does Capcom treat game hacks? Of course, I understand that Capcom is neutral about fan games, but what about hacks is not clear to me


Your post is not clear to me…um… detail please


Hello. I meant that how Capcom relates to the ROM hacks of its games, as well as the use of its characters in other hacks. A great example: ROM hack of the game “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” called “Megaman X in Sonic 2”


Hmm I gess they modify the manifest files value for those kind of hacks…Like in the manifest file gravity value is 1000 …so they make it 2000 to make the hedgehog jump higher.


The best part is that Sega allows hackers to modify their games about Sonic the Hedgehog


I Agree with you. Rockstars Game also allow to modify ther games like Vice city…GTA5.


From now on, modding is prohibited:

At least Sega only for ROM hacks of their games. There is a workshop on Steam with many ROM hacks from Sonic the Hedgehog. In this workshop, hackers can share hacks among themselves


Wow I didn’t know about that…Its interesting!