Can you help with a game?


Hello. I want to create a game about giant robots (yes, I’m a girl, but please don’t be surprised). I called them Mechanical Knights. They look a little like an Evas from anime “Evangelion”. Also, the source of inspiration for the game is another game - “Eva Down”, which was created based on anime. I would like to create a game about Knights, but I want to make a game without violence, well, almost the only thing that I had to mind my idea was the idea of creating a game in the genre “Virtual Novel”. I don’t know, what to do


Use renpy for visual novels


I actually meant which genre I should choose for the game. I want to create a game about giant robots, but without violence


then make a game about creating and developing those giant robots


Some crazy robot olympics, where different nations compete in engeneering skills


Thanks, @Mucy and @Slash. Maybe I better create my own game in “RPG” genre at all?


yes, why not? If you do an rpg, consider using the top down movement behavior :wink:


Thanks, @arthuro555!


by the way whats so special with giant robots, i mean they can be normal robots or are you a big fan of transformers XD


Mechanical Knights, i.e. giant robots, will be battle robots, but not transformers for sure

P. S: I’m not a fan girl of Transformers
P. P. S: I really didn’t watch the anime “Evangelion” - I just read about this anime and watched several videos


Ok first at all, good day, a little question, why we would be surprised that you are a woman? o. O i mean, there are many in the world, right?

about the game, if you are a noob making games, i recomend you to not make an rpg, you can do it of course, whatever you want to do, but you will lost time learning how to do it. Try something more basic.
The visual novel in fact is a good idea, because it is diferent and original (i think)

Good luck on that and i want to know more about this.


The first game I made with GDevelop was an rpg and I had no problem to create it. It is even simpler than making a platformer, the default example. Just to have a basic one, create a map, maybe with or something, a character, make three sprites, one for the map (background), one with an invisible animation and a visible to use as collision (you can switch the animation to help debugging) and a Sprite with the top down movement and your character animations. Then you can do the events like "if character is going left make animation to “left” and make the correct animations, and the ones for collisions. Here you have a “working” rpg.


Yes, That is why GDevelop does not have any good game to show, i have not seen any good game made with GDevelop and definitely it is not GDevelop’s fault, the game creators are just making meidocre games.