Can i upgrade the facebook instant game version to a latest one?


There are many new features in instant games but none of them are adding in Gdevelop lately i faced this issue when i was developing a game here so i am planning to contribute this features.


Go to to contribute to GDevelop :slight_smile:


i heard we need to make a card first how can i do that?


You mean a Trello card?
I don’t think a card is necessary for an update, especially if you do it yourself.
Clone the project, make your changes and then request a merge. The devs will examine it and merge the update if everything is okay. :ok_hand:


It is indeed not necessary to add a map on Trello.
We add cards especially when there is a good idea to do later.
If you do it now, you don’t need a card.
The Trello is not a complete list. It’s more a bank of cool ideas for improve GD in future.

All this is done on Github, if you have a contribution you can open a Pull Request for review and future integration into Gdevelop.

All contibution on source code are welcome :slight_smile: