Can I make tile sprite to both physic object and platform?


I make platformer game which is character is just platformer character not physic object but some sprite is physic object. So I use tile sprite as platform and physic object.
It work if I don’t change value of width and high.Can I use like this?it may cause slow game or bug?


If you apply force (change of position) to your platform, it will conflict with Physics. Otherwise, I think it should be okay.
Try it and let us know.


It work well, some little thing to fix no big problem
my two physic object has little gap( about one pixel, I make pixel art game so I need to tweak to fix)
I can’t change tile sprite size (my tile sprite is 3232 if I change physic object to 3232 platform behaviour don’t work. If I don’t change value and It work well)


What happens if you remove or deactivate the Physics behavior? The platform works as expected? :thinking:


It work as platform behavior I don’t see no error


If you can reproduce the issue in a dummy project with the bare minimum, please share the project and we’ll investigate.


Ok bro I will make it


this is my test project, may be there is no bug I just don’t know how to use :grin:


I see an empty folder, can you check?


sorry bro i surely upload it :persevere:


sorry bro link


Of course yes! Can you do it!


You’re having problems because your platformer is Physics, but you’re not moving it using Physics, so the two behaviors conflict.
But you mentioned having problems when changing the tile size. I don’t see that in the project you shared.
Anyway, why are you mixing Platformer and Physics like that? Maybe you’re not approaching the issue from the good angle.


Yes bro, I will change my character move with physics.