Can i make online games?


i want to make some stuff that need internet in my game can i do it?


Can give more detail about this? We need to know …


I want to piggyback on this question, this way I dont have to ask the same question. Is it possible to make a online fighting game 1 vs 1? I basically have a working game and was leaving the networking portion of it for last so I could get to know Gdevelop better.


There is no default tool for that. But you can do this by javascript programing.


I am working on an extension for networking in GDevelop. You will get it if you win the gdevelop gamejam I’m organizing ( ( I will also release it some time after the game jam but you get it in early access if you win )


i want to make a stardew valley like game and i want to make online stuff like sending mail and co op play and stuff thats wut type i want