Button won't hide when enter key released


For some reason everything works as expected in the event except the Button_3 won’t hide. And its only on the return released action. When i use the mouse, everything works fine. When I use the return key everything works fine, except for the button_3 not hiding. And yes I checked that my scene variable is actually 1 when doing this. Plus like I said, this event triggers, and it works, just not the button_3 hiding part.


This events seems fine, do you have any other events to show the butto3 maybe that’s the problem, I’m guessing here


yeah, that was my first guess too. I did a search for all actions including “button_3” and this is only one that shows it. All other actions hide it.


Rather than the timer that is reset I don’t know the other 2 variables are set to false/true confirminganswer and usingLifeLine I ask why are those 2 needed if you can just control when to show those objects with the timer itself.
I’m going to try to reproduce this in an example check later.