Bunny and carrots game


A lot of work needs to be done when project is finish.

i’m not sure do i one game or multiple. Let’s see. Now i’m working with pinball.
Take care!


The bunny is cute :3



Very cute and inspiring!!!




I use GDevelop 4. Physics works fine i think in pinball. Testing, testing…Don’t give up.
My first GDevelop game is here.


Pinball is very special. I think it’s own game?. Slotmachine do lot of work, or it’s best one game and bonus all? And i do more…This is my question? What you think? enough is enough?


Test video BunnyPinball. Lots of bug fixes and variables. Physics is not always easy. Lots of possibility. Anybody know good free videoediting software?. I test openshot, but i dont like. Good gaming and gamemaking for everybody. It’s like
crossword puzzle.


And fun. If you have something to say and idea.


I can send early version. about 80mb


It’s very playable. New settings resolution fix is working. Some rare bugs needs to work. Huh. I’m happy with this work to do game that work. Some judge is not bad. I try learn more and better. Game is not finished. With own, i don’t see everything.