Blokus the board game, 4 players local



This is a game created during the first days of the lockdown.
The game is Blokus, you can play up to 4 players in local.
I provide to you the source file. Feel free to improve the game if you want and share here what you did, i can upload the game online!

In fact you can already try it here.

Download source files.

I don’t plan to make any update or fix in the future, that’s why I’m delivering the source files.


Hmmm If I remember the rules of blokus correctly, there are two things that need to be added:

  1. If it is the red players turn, disable the draggable behavior of the others or whatever events you use to move them arround

  2. The colored pieces need to be touching each other. To test for that you can make the sprite a tiny bit bigger (to make it overlap with other pieces), test for collisions, and make it back to it’s original size (invisible if done in one frame).

Else, good job!


Blokus huh? I never heard of it, looks interesting.
However, on my tablet I get lot of lag, feels like the game runs at 5 FPS when I drag a piece. It is not a powerful device by any means, I use it for web browsing and videos only but casual games like this should run smooth. Wondering what may be causing this, When I get some time, If no one else does, I may have a look and see if I can improve it :+1: