Blender to Sprite


yes its working while frozen but it is getting crashed after 1 image every time


did you let it open?
crashed in like the program/window closes?


hmm I just run the script and then came back to my mobile


as long as the program is open it should work. you cannot press anything, but it should still render the images.


Hmm but it is crashing I am not touching that do you think its for 2.8 update ?


let blender crashed. dont close it.
check after a few minutes if there more pictures showing up.
its normal that blender does not respond, but it should still render the images.


Tried few more time I let blender crashed and again it closed and opened desktop
Checked the export directory and found out a single girl looking at me like I am hopeless




thats odd. so your blender closes on its own?
2.76 blender runs it on a 12 years old grandma pc and gets the job done (very slowly).
could be a script issue. maybe the

endFrame + 2)

causes issuses. for sience you could change it back to +1 and see if that works.
or its your operating system that automatically closes non answering programs?


Idk why its happening



I am pretty sure os is doing nothing here cuz I use Houdini and this kind of problem are regular to me


might be inbuild to blender 2.8.
if you still like to help me out you can do 1 animation angle at a time per hand.
i dont know if there is a way to render every second frame without script?


Nah not working…


Can I help tomorrow Its 1:20am here I am verrrrrry sleepy


yeah thought so. no clue how to fix that.


have a well deserved sleep my friend :slight_smile: