Blender to Sprite


I spend the last 2 days learning blender. main reason is, i am too lazy for massive sprite work, but want smooth animations. so i thought, 3d is a fast way.
developing, and render process still needs to improve alot, but here i am 2 days later with an animation of 600 frames, wich would have taken me weeks to make, even tho handdrawn looks better imo.

this animation is a short version of 250 sprites.

and clothes, hair and armor updates for every animation will be much much faster.

Tools i used:
Blender 2.76 (cause old pc/latest version to support <GL3), daz studio, DesignDoll, Mixamo.
I used Design Doll first, to make the general body type, then i make some fine adjustment in daz, then used mixamo to rig the body for me and animate. then used blender to texture paint, set the materials and shaders to best suit my needs for a sprite and finally set up all sorts of render options, to get a sprite looking result.

Has anyone here expirience with this process and can share some insights?
my knowlage of phython is close to zero, but the option to write scrips that do the tidious steps sounds alluring to me.


You should have use Blender 2.8…it has Real time render support…My Gpu Burned out for 3 month now …I can still use that without gpu for simple modeling and animation. And Blender 2.76 is very bad in my opinion try to use 2.79 at minimum .


I use Blender for everything (from modelling, animation, texturing, etc). then export all frames and then I make adjustments frame by frame with Photoshop.
If you want to render directly with a pixel art style, google for “blender pixel” and you will get a lot of examples on the subject.


as stated in OP, 2.76 is the latest version i can run.