Black Screen in preview when putting a platform


hello I was creating Madness Hitman 4 to fix the bad reputation in newgrounds and when I put a floating platform this I got an error of the sprites but when I put abandon when playing the preview it takes a long time not so much to load and in the preview it came out with a black screen and this happened to me is many recent projects

I cannot teach tests because when taking a screenshot it is not saved on the pc


Seems like images’ paths are invalid. Then you need to do this:

click on “Project manager” -> click on “Resources” -> find or select the file you need -> right mouse click on (I don’t remember exactly names of options) “Delete resources with invalid path” or “Delete unused resources”.

After this select images of objects again and try to run a project. Screen should be normal after that. Maybe it will help you


I realized that the problem was that on my mac pc I did not have so much space and I released it and it left me