Another Boring Hello, and why doesn't my platform guy animate?


Hi. I’ve been a professional UI designer for websites and software for over 20 years, and I spent my life in Photoshop. Now I occasionally dabble in programming, trying to create simple and elegant games. I’m brand new here, and am in the middle of the first tutorial (Platform game). I could swear that my setup looks identical to the tutorial, but my little guy doesn’t animate. It just stays in its Idle animation. Has anyone had a similar experience, or is aware of some subtle or simple setting/condition that might be causing this? I suppose I should really post this elsewhere, but what the heck.

Anyway, glad to be here and getting started.


Hello. If the “Idle” animation has frames and is not animated, then I can assume that you just need to click on the “Repeat” button - it should be light blue. If this does not work, then this is a bug


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Post a screenshot of your events in the How do I section and we’ll look at it. :+1:


Thanks, I will look into it!


Thank you! I will check my setup against the tutorial again and, unless I see something, I will post it (assuming I can figure out how to do that!). It’s hard to believe that it could be a bug: I’m too new, and if there were an obvious bug in the first tutorial I’d think that others would be reporting it also.


Just copy-paste the screenshot inside the text box.
If you’re on Windows, use the Snipping tool to capture it.


I figured it out! Player is jumping, Player is falling, Player is on floor were all in the same “group”. I must have kept selecting “Add a condition” to the first event I made instead of using the Add a New Empty Event button.

Thanks for you offers of help. I’m sure I’ll be back for more assistance. :blush:


Remember: if something doesn’t work for you and this is related to commands, please study the code structures first, and then experiment with this.

Examples of structures (with symbols):

event | (empty)

(empty) | event

event | event

event | event

By the principle of stairs:

event | event
:arrow_right_hook: event | event

And so with experiments to :infinity:

P.S: Sounds rude, but I just wanna do my best