About the size of the player sprites


Hello. I was confused. I can’t figure out what size of sprites should I use? Yesterday and today I looked on the Internet both sets for 2D pixel games and screenshots of games of this type, if I can say so. I’ve seen that the sprites are small to medium in size. My sprites, for example the sprite of a standing person as a reference, are larger:


I have CC0 licensed sprites, but I was comparing my standing person sprite to them. It turned out that the character sprite has a size that is almost half the height of a human sprite.

Is there a pattern in the size of the sprites somewhere? Or maybe even rules? I thought that people draw smaller sprites to make their work easier. It’s very uncomfortable for me, and on the contrary, I choose a larger size.


a very common size for 2d games is 64x64pixels.
other often used ones are 16x16 32x32 128x128
the reason for this pattern is memory limitation. because of storage space, 16x16 pixels was popular to nes times, then with more memory the iconic 64x64 popped up.
A Group of 8 bits together make 1 byte (bit is the smallest storage unit (0 or1) representing a pixel. that’s why these number are dividable by 8

but in the end, you can use whatever size you want. Memory in 2d is not so much an issue anymore, even for mobile games.
here is an example, of how 128x128 pixels look like on a 800x600 resolution screen:


Sadly, preview doesn’t work.

So, I found a work by one user: https://opengameart.org/content/2d-pixel-character-platformer-sprites.

In my opinion these sprites more detailed. I am hinting at the size of the sprites. Also there’s sprites by other user - Spring. Spring made one pack of sprites of a badger(?) for platformer game, but quality was like in fighting game: big and very detailed in my opinion sprites.

In my opinion this is the business of each person: someone makes small simple sprites, and someone makes large and detailed ones, right?


yes, in the end you can choose what you want.
but you should keep in mind, what kind of role the sprites play.

In fighting games, sprites are big and detailed, with very readable animations. And it is important, because the player needs to pay alot of attention to it, in order to properly play the game. what is your enemy doing? you have to clearly see and read the action, in order to react accordingly.

In turnbased games, where reading the visuals of your own player/units is not very important, it is more a question of appealing, rather then function.

Sometimes big and fancy animations can even be a bad thing.
fancy/flashy/big character might distract from what you want the player pay attention to.
if you want to feel the player immersed in a world, the world needs to be the center of attention and a fancy/flashy/big character might distract.

btw, the linked sprites basically are 64x72, also falls under the bit ratios.


Uh… Okay. I’ll do it by tradition: 64x64 pixels