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This category is for introducing yourself and/or asking questions about Google Season of Docs 2020. You’ll find more information on the wiki page - but if you want to exchange publicly about your project ideas, ask questions, get details about something, feel free to do it here!


Hi everyone, I’m Oluwaseun Raphael Afolayan, a tech fanatic from Nigeria :wave:. Excited to be here​:slight_smile:


Hey! I’m Shriti Chandra, an undergrad student and tech enthusiast from India. Excited to work on this project :smiley:


Hi both, thanks for coming on the forum :wave:


Hi, I am Dinesh Bhagat, a Computer Science sophomore from IIT Mandi in India. I am looking forward to have great learning experience in GDevelop documentation journey.


Hello everyone! I am Pragati and am excited to be here.


Hello everyone, I am Tejasvi Chebrolu, a sophomore at IIIT-H, India. I am looking forward to working with GDevelop and improving the documentation. :smile:


Hey could I update old wiki step by step tutorials pictures and possibly write a step by step tutorial on some examples.


Don’t miss the deadline, July 9 to submit your application to contribute to GDevelop as a technical writer for #SeasonOfDocs 2020!
New tutorial? Wiki improvement? Articles for beginners or updated reference? :nerd:
We look forward to seeing your proposals!

More about Season Of Docs 2020 for GDevelop:


Hello. I just wanted to know if it’s okay to mail our proposals to the mentors (for feedback).
Thanks in advance.

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