About the GDevelop 5 templates license conditions

Hello. I thought about using GDevelop 5 templates and I was confused. I know about their license, but… it may sound very weird, so do I need credit template’s author, if I a bit changed the template itself by adding one or few events in it and made a video with this template? For example, I made a video about turning music on and off, but I used one of GDevelop 5 templates. Does crediting to author and indicating modifications in the template are needed, if I’m going to share with the template itself?

If I’m not wrong all uploaded templates are under MIT License so you can use it create derivates works or even sell, there is no need to credit but is always welcome to do it, plus if you do a derívate work you can add yourself as author too
look here https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

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