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Hi…i was hoping there can be an online 2d PvP/MOBA feature…GDevelop is really great [since i dont know how to code] and it is very easy to use. Most games now are PvP online. i was doing one simple but fun game on Gdevelop and all assets were laid out, until i found out there was no such feature in gdevelop, and it is saddening. i love gdevelop and i don’t want to use anything else. i hope this feature will come really soon…

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It would be quite helpful if you could use the Layers/Masks features of (physics2.0) without the physics - can we pull that part out and make it’s own behavior?

It would make puzzle games (like ‘heart star’) easier to build in gdevelop.

hi im a little lazy so i didnt copy the text and … in here
a few days ago i creat a topic about the things that they can be in gdvelop and some bugs i think i will put the link of the topic down here to just be sure that u will see it :slightly_smiling_face:
you can read the FEATURE and BUG

I think the marked options in toolbar can be toggle buttons.
I am new to GDevelop and exploring the editor and other stuff.
While exploring I was somewhat confused which editor is actually open and which is not unless I see the tooltip on the button.
Here is my suggestion :
1.Make it a toggle button (So if user by mistake clicks some button he can toggle off from that point itself , instead of going to the editor/panel and then click on the close button)
2.Change the color/texture of the button based on its Show/Hide State.

Hello, i have a feature request. Please add the 3D assests support and the 3D visual feature

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I’m hoping for a feature to be able to detect when light is hitting an object!

Light as almost all objects has a condition for checking the collisions.

Texture flipping support, instead of only being able to rotate a texture tile, being able to flip it would save from the need to otherwise have duplicates of the same texture if doing a retro type of game.


Upon switching from Construct 3 to GDevelop, one of the biggest things I have missed was the ‘On Created’ and ‘On Destroyed’ condition blocks. I know it is possible to do without, but they were really convenient.