About templates in GDevelop


Hello. Sorry, if my topic may be seem a dumb and blurry.

S, I have seen in GDevelop Templates (not user submitted, if my memory serves me) GitHub repository and their license. My questions:

  • are the templates which GDevelop users use have a license?
  • if so, then are users should mention in their projects used templates or pieces of code of these templates?
    So, in my country ideas, concepts, methods, etc. aren’t copyrighted. But does copyright law apply to the piece of code, for example, of GDevelop character selection template?


Unless something has changed, all templates that have been included in the engine, and those submitted by the users have a hard requirement of the MIT license for all assets and events included in the template.


But if the template made by some user included in the engine, but doesn’t have any mention of license or attribution, then what to do?


Like silver said, if there is nothing explicitly saying otherwise by default it is MIT


Okay, I understand. Thanks to both of you