About playing and stopping BGM


Look at the games I’ve made.
(I didn’t test play it, and the artwork isn’t complete)

What I want to do:

Play the BGM when the scene starts and stop the BGM when the result is achieved. It’s a repeat of this.


BGM is played for each scene.
The “Play a sound” action is performed at the beginning of the scene.

Please give me some ideas…

I know that in “Music on channels” you can stop the BGM that is playing.
But you have to wait for the user to play the music…


Awesome concept but I found your bar is not working properly.
And in my opinion you should make level 1 more easy cuz I had to play 8 times to complete the level 1…But again It was awsome


Thanks for playing the game!
Yes, the level design is still in the works.
I’m thinking of having about 20 easy stages.


That’s great! …


(I’ve updated the game’s binary, so there’s no BGM now…)