About games (my opinion)


There are many games. There are a lot of them…

Games are created for fun and more. There are good games, but there are bad ones: some have bright graphics with an excellent soundtrack, others have low-quality, as well as crooked physics. But now it’s not about that…

Years go by, and old games are replaced by new ones. It’s a shame that games are forgotten over time, especially good ones. I know those games that have good graphics, soundtrack and plot. Among them are the series of games “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “Megaman X”, “Megaman Zero” and “Megaman ZX”; from the games: “Freedom Planet” and its second part, “Freedom Planet 2”. Hardly anyone remembers these games now…

Now about the half-forgotten games. Take, for example, the GalaxyTrail game development team: they were famous for their Sonic the Hedgehog universe “Freedom Planet” fan game, which over time became an independent game. GalaxyTrail tried to create great graphics, great music and, of course, cool characters… Now, few people remember this game, but I still know about it…

In general, game creators are trying their best to create beautiful graphics, music, etc., but over time, their games are simply… forgotten. Old games are a thing of the past, and a new generation of people will only learn about them after years… It is a shame that this happens with all any games…

Sooner or later, famous games will be a thing of the past. For example: “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”, “Grand Theft Auto V”, “AFK Arena”, “The Elder Scrolls”, “Borderlands 3”, “HomeScapes”, “Undertale”, etc. Yes, these games, around 2030-2050, will be half-forgotten…

Game developers should remember that their games will be forgotten sooner or later…

As the Americans and British say: “old, but good”…


The way I see it, game developers can always remaster their games with improved graphics, gameplay and additional features for modern hardware, it is up to them if they abandon a title, remaster it or create a sequel that compete with current standards. If they choose to abandon it obviously it is going to be forgotten but understandable. Very few may become “classic” that never be really forgotten, but obviously they become less attractive to new gamers and less and less people going to actually play them which brings me back to the topic of remastering. If it is important to the developer to keep a game on the market and make new gamers play it, then you want to constantly develop it, improve it, remaster it using new modern technologies, targeting recent platforms or you want to create a sequel.

If you choose not to, don’t be surprised the game is forgotten. Even if the story and characters of your game is exceptional, the presentation, graphics, gameplay, and what platforms are supported is also very important and you want to keep up to date with that.


About it. I would like to focus on this. As stated earlier, GalaxyTrail is currently developing the second part of the their game - “Freedom Planet 2”. Almost no one knows about this game and its development.
Now about something else. If, for example, I create an interesting game, they will forget it anyway.
Back to “Freedom Planet 2”. I once asked myself: “Why does GalaxyTrail create the second part of its game if almost nobody really knows about it? Why spend time on the fact that no one knows about the first game too? Why?”. Sega created in the past many games about its mascot Sonic the hedgehog. Yes, these games have become classics, and now… After all, no one knows about this legendary blue hedgehog, well, almost…

P. S: I’m sorry that I was moving from topic to topic


There is an other aspect to this, if you create a sequel to an old, “once popular” game, maybe more people buy it just because of the name and people who liked the new game may choose to also buy and try the previous if they never played it before. I have also purchased games only because I liked their sequel but never played the previous. I can guarantee that, once Freedom Planet 2 going to be released, Freedom Planet 1 is going to be on Sale so people like the second may consider to by the first too if they have not already and people liked the first, almost guaranteed to buy the second just because of the name.

Sadly, often a sequel is a “sequel” only in name but the actual game has a different focus, like it happened with the Fallout series for example. It is started as a tatctical Isometric RPG game, then become an FPS Action RPG and now with the latest Follout 4 it is becoming an Action FPS and got less RPG elements. Similar thing happened with the Resident Evil and Tomb Raider series too. The originals was great and the sequels got practically nothing to do with the original, they are called Resident Evil and Tomb Raider only in name to sell more copies…


Now I have a question: how to make the game interesting? I plan to create the very first “Freedom Planet” fan game. My fan game will be different from “Freedom Planet” in that it will be completely free


I don’t know the franchise so I can’t really answer this question. What makes a game interesting in general is also comes down to each and every individual. What is interesting to me, may be not that interesting to you.
If you would like to create a fan game of Freedom Planet, what I would recommend is make a list what makes Freedom Planet interesting to you, is it the style, the story, the gameplay, and try to incorporate that in to your own game and maybe make a list of other features from other games too and try to combine them to create fun and interesting experiences.


@ddabrahim, thank you very much!


Hello. Today I found a fan game for “Freedom Planet” - “Astral World”, Alpha version 1.1. This means that my game will not be the very first fan game of “Freedom Planet”


I’m sure you could still make something fun. Besides, it seems that game is being developed using a Fusion engine with some Windows only and obsolete extensions. I’m sure it is fun, but you be able to publish to more platforms with GDevelop and by developing your own engine you also going to have more freedom :+1:


It’s “Sonic Worlds Engine”. This engine was used for “Freedom Planet”, if you didn’t know


I did download v1.5.2 of this “Sonic Worlds Engine” don’t know if it was the latest and most extension was Windows only and one of them was even obsolete and was unable to build with the latest version of Fusion. So the fact Freedom Planet is available for many platforms indicates to me it was eventually developed using a custom version of this engine or an entirely different engine. In case I was looking at the correct version of this “engine”, out of the box it doesn’t support anything else but Windows and require an old version of Fusion.

But actually, it is an interesting project, many characters and game logic already implemented so all you need to do is create some levels In fusion using this project and many game logic and characters is already implemented for making a fan game.

Wondering why don’t you use this instead of GDevelop?


Users say that Clickteam Fusion (Multimedia Fusion in the past) has many features. I believe it’s possible to create a fan game on GDevelop 5.

Chronology of “Freedom Planet” games and their engines:

Freedom Planet - Clickteam Fusion (Multimedia Fusion in past): the game was developed on the old version of the engine
Freedom Planet 2 - Unity3d: the game is currently being developed on this engine


Maybe I really need to try to create my own game engine?


I understood why most games are forgotten. The fact is that they have similar plots: saving the planet, the invasion of zombies or evil android robots, trying to capture the whole world of a villain, etc. Most people, in my opinion, are often not interested, since they have played thousands of such games in their entire lives.
The game “Undertale” is unique in that although it has an RPG genre, there is a subtext in this game: either you need to kill everyone, or you will regret everyone. Just this game is a reflection of reality: some people can beat the offender, while others can forgive and let go…

P. S: I myself didn’t play “Undertale”, but I read about the deep meaning of the game


I meant in GDevelop this is what you actually do. GDevelop give you some basic building blocks like:
-scene management
-platformer behavior
-collision detection

But eventually you are the one who put all this together and make the “game engine” in that sense, you implement all the game logic, the player, the enemies, the weapons, damage, the goal when to complete the level so eventually all you can do is build the level and drop the player and the enemies in, define the goal then build an other level and drop the player and enemies in, define the goal and repeat as many times as you wish. This is called in a sense a “game engine” that you need to build from scratch in GDevelop and if you do you obviously have more control and freedom. And yes I think you should.

That “Sonic Worlds Engine” have already implemented most of this in Fusion so you can focusing on making the levels only but if you don’t know how the engine works and how Fusion works, you are limited to only that what “Sonic Worlds Engine” offer out of the box. The devs of Freedom Planet did certainly go beyond what this engine had to offer and in a sense they developed their own “game engine” in my opinion and this is what they actually do in Unity right now.

GDevelop, Unity, Fusion…etc also often called “game engine” but it is not 100% correct. These are general purpose engines, development tools that gives you the building blocks to make your own “game engine”.

For example FPS Creator, GameGuru, RPG Maker, 001, CryEngine, Unreal Engine, Essenthel or even “Sonic Worlds Engine” can be considered a “game engine” because they do offer a complete solution for developing a certain type of game like FPS, TPS, RPG, MMORPG and Side Scrolling Platformer. But GDevelop, Unity…etc are not really “game engines” in this sense.

Yeah, this is called burning out on games. It did happen to me few years ago. In the past 3-4 years there was only very few title I was excited about to play and there was exactly 0 I can honestly say I did enjoy it. I can no longer enjoy any games because I did already play them all in many different variations not even VR helps. You can throw anything at me, I don’t really care, I also honestly don’t understand what people like about VR. It is only makes me dizzy and hurt my eyes, I don’t get it. I was amaized by VR for about 2 hours, after that it was boring and I was regret all the money I spent on the headset on the very day I have unboxed it.
The gaming industry become boring not even VR can save it for me I don’t really play new games any more for the exact reason you mentioned.


I felt sorry for what happened to you. About VR: not everyone is given the opportunity to enjoy the capabilities of VR. It all depends on your health. It’s like a candy: the packaging is unusual and colorful, and if you try, the candy will be sour, you want to squint and rinse your mouth as soon as possible. Then you want to rinse your mouth with water. All this will surely pass, but the memories will remain…