A problem with the copy of objects and their actions


Which parameters?
AFAIK, this number doesn’t change unless you delete the instance and create another one.


the problem can not be solved?
try to collect a demo where there are copied objects and that the player could pick and release them.


As Bouh said, you need to create your own UID variables.


it does not help. If I clone an object. Variables are the same everywhere. So I need to constantly create new objects. Then the meaning of the variables I can appeal to by name. The point is to simplify cloning. Who can repeat what I did in construct2


if this happens, share an example demo.


You can override manually the value of variables object, if you override it in left panel when you select the instance, then the value will be only on this instance selected.
If you duplicate the instance on scene you need change manually the value overrided for increment the id yourself.


thanks! I managed to understand how this is done.
recorded a video (in Russian) solution with UID. I saw this problem on the forum.