A game just freeze


I was making a game when i was testing the game the game just froze i still here the sound but the game froze. I don’t know why so please fix this.
Also here it is!


Syntax errors in dialogues can cause freeze/crash.
Read the wiki page and open the example Dialogue tree to check your syntax.


i did it but i rather use another project.


Of course, I’m not asking you to use the example project, but open it, and then open the dialogue file.
Then open your own dialogue file and compare the syntax (spaces, line breaks, etc.).
I think the syntax is quite strict and can cause freezes and crashes if not correct.

Also, looking at your screenshot above, I see an error in the name of the timer (text_scroll VS text_speed).
Maybe that’s simply the issue. :slight_smile:


Thanks Gruk it worked.