A few different problems and ideas


I’ve been using GDevelop for a few weeks and I like it :slight_smile:
Now I would like to mention a few things I noticed at work.

Remember the width of the properties and objects boxes or set the minimum width as default. I have to pull it a bit smaller after each start so I can see more of the scene.

Make the objects-properties window wider.
The event windows are 100% and properties only 40%.(on my screen)
It is very hard to work with animations if you can only see 7 frames in the same time. Adding a numbering in the upper left corner would also helps a lot. e.g. then it is possible to add or duplicate a sprite and move it to a specific place. Currently it is almost impossible if the graphics look similar.
A zoom with mouse-wheel + hold Ctrl in the animation preview would be nice. And the animation preview window is very low, I think it should be near square.

The game preview is ~9% smaller than the things really are. I think the “Game size mode” config and ratio is not the problem/solution. But I think it’s understandable why it would be very good and important if the preview has the same size as the graphics in the graphics tool.

The 1-pixel offset bug was fixed in beta62, but not the hitbox preview.
Maybe also a zoom would be possible. And please don’t bind a custom collision mask corner point to the mouse cursor when I move it beyond the sprite. This makes no sense and so it’s not possible to put him on the edge or in a corner.

Move “About GDevelop” from “File” to “Help” dropdown menu, as in 99% of all programs.

Add a browser favicon to the website and the forum.

Thank you for your work, the frequent updates and the great game creation help in forum! :slight_smile:


[size=120]It would be nice if the “Shape painter” shows the shape in the scene editor and not just the icons.
Maybe even without icons, it’s not necessary and visible if you click on it.[/size]
edit: Okay I think it is not really possible because only the action draws the shape. But for rectangles it is possible. I can use custom size, then just fill the empty rectangles with the color selected in properties and I can see my level and not just 30 icons.

[size=120]Maybe add “Scene properties” from background right-click also to the scene menus. Is more expected for some people.[/size]

[size=120]If I use the search box in the objets menu and then drag and drop an object into my scene,
it will not place the correct object but that one what is in the place if I don’t use searchword.[/size]


Play music(on channel) does not work in game preview if you don’t press a button or click before the screne is ready.
Not with “At the beginning of the scene”, not with player is on floor, collision with ground, variable = 1, etc.
Also not with scene timer, if I don’t press a button before the timer is over, the music will never start.
All other action works as expected, not this one.


The music issue is a safety feature of Chrome. I don’t think we can circumvent this.
You have to make the player touch the screen in some way like displaying a button “Touch to start”.


I had the same problem with music, i was struggling with my game because there was no sound and finally run from main scene and suddenly music appeared :astonished:


[size=110]Yes, but only because you click for the scene switch :wink:
Is not that bad, I was just confused why all action works but not music.

I’m not sure but should the condition “Mouse button released” better be called “Mouse button or touch held released”?

What do you think about object groups like the event groups?
It becomes much easier to handle and organize tons of assets, texts, menus, etc.[/size]


Nice, the problem is that the same object can be added to multiple groups at the same time (you can have an object “Rock” added to the groups “Platform”, “Solid”, “EnemyObstacle” and so on).

But don’t worry, the plan is to support slashes “/” in object names to show them in such groups :wink:


Jep we already have groups what is something completely different.
But I think it is not a problem if we can create groups for sorting in the object editor with right-click. Everyone will understand the difference to object groups in their own object group editor.
But of course in this Threat all are just my wild ideas.


[size=120]If you’re using Physics2, the 1px-bug is still there.
And it is not possible to fix with manual hitbox as before.

For objects
after renaming, all events are automatically adjusted
I can change the name in the edit-window
I can click in the rename-field to a position in the name

For object-groups all this is not possible.
Sorting objects within an object-group would also be helpful, of course just nice to have.[/size]


Why the “Save loead” example work correctly if I delete all scene variables?:wink:
I can read from file to scene variables and then give the scene variables value to global variables without the used scene variables exist.