[32 bits] GDevelop 5 Windows/Linux


Will these releases work on Windows Vista or XP?

Is there anyway to make GD5 32 bit work on Vista or XP?


Nope, electron, the software to run GDevelops Javascript (and exported games) supports only windows 7 and higher. You would need to massively rewrite a GDevelops IDE to use something else OR massively rewrite electron Electron to make it work on older versions of windows

Take not that NOBODY (no contributor/dev) will do that for you as those systems are not supported anymore and should not be used.


Thanks for your informative answer :slightly_smiling_face:


@Bouh shloud i download all the files from your link to 32 bit version, i only downloaded one, and it works,but i have an issue, i can’t export my game to windows,andrioid,web and eveything else it says Error while uploading your game AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist? Please i really need help<3


As far as I know you should only have to download the newest release.

That said:

No support will be provided on these 32bits build, there are no optimisations, nor advantages compared to 64bits builds.


I’ll try to make the new version b98 this week, keep going.


As the 32 bits version is an unofficial build it wouldn’t be surprising that the GDevelop services don’t --work.


Here new version beta 98

Patch note on Github


If the GDevelop services don’t work, can i use 32bit to create a working GDevelop 5, file and later read + publish that file from a 64bit instaltion?


Have you test it ?
The services in GD5 32bits work fine.

Indeed you can you like this if you want.


Hi, am learning GDevelop, so i will test when i have the knolgenge and content for it. It was something i wonder when i read arthuro555 worries (just above)…


Can you please export beta 99 or 100?


can u send the beta 99 or 100 here pls
i recently found out that beta 99 had dynamic lighting that could perfectly fit in my game that im currently working with


Here is the new version beta 100 (windows only for now): b100 windows

G dev android export

Pls the b98,Bouh posted, how many mb is it