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I'm getting no notification about private messages. (6)
Moderators wanted! (7)
Update to phpBB 3.2 (2)
Donation page (1)
New GDevelop website (7)
Chinese words in the english wiki? (2)
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PDF tutorials and documentation (2)
Built in event editor in the forum? (2)
Tutorials forum section (12)
can not open zip files on this forum (7)
Better Documentation (4)
Complete list of Variable Commands on Variables page on Wiki (7)
Change password and user settings/preferences in Wiki please (1)
Chatbox or IRC Channel (1)
Chat (4)
Blazing Inferno of Space download file (4)
New design, new organization, new GDevApp forums (9)
Database migration done (1)
cant open preview (13)
Shoutbox? (1)
This forum needs Creative Showcase/Requests section (1)
Section for ongoing projects? (2)
Make sticky topics stand out (1)
Polish section of GD forums? (1)
Resource requests/resource showcase board (1)
1000 Members (2)
Forum update (1)