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Manually control platformer current speeds? (4)
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Deactivate assigned behaviour from Object (4)
Properties of objects: size, opacity, flipping, z-order (7)
[REQUEST] Tilemap changes and additions (2)
Add the precision lines (10)
Ability to package game as Android App Bundle (2)
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Easy access to Jfxr and piskel editor (3)
Html objects and a feature to use a scene as the splash screen (4)
It would be nice to have a alternative to firebase (3)
Will the Android version of gdevelop be released on google Play? (3)
Project-Wide Toggle for Pixi.settings.ROUND_PIXELS (6)
Setting the default Grid size (2)
Save button on the message box when quitting gdevelop (6)
[Solved] A button to center the scene (4)
Global Layer Effects (1)
Assign Objects To Groups With Events (1)
Tiled Map Editor de dentro do gdevelop (Tiled Map Editor from within gdevelop) (3)
Create virtual groups based on behavior (2)
Override system in properties panel | Allow each Text object instance to have a different string value in the IDE (2)
Scaling objects (2)
Virtual grid extension offset (3)
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