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shape painter object - Draw a 2d triangle/polygon / n-gon (8)
Implement "GUI Layer" based Scaling Options to better scale text and other objects (6)
Updating AdMob within Gdevelop (3)
Google Play Services Support (12)
Conditions, Actions, and Expressions around Game Windows and Fullscreen (1)
Improve API for change sprite (1)
Compressed list (2)
Import/export assets between projects. better handling of deleted assets. opportunities for search improvements (6)
Displacementmap as object (3)
Parameter Reposition (5)
custom loading screen (3)
Keyboard Shortcut for "OK" in editor window (1)
REMOVE "click outside window to cancel" UI feature (4)
Conditions and Expressions for Layer Names and Game Resolution from Properties (1)
Gdevelop "Wait [ ] seconds" action, and some sort of compile to steam option in export (17)
Preset resolutions (9)
Add 'erase' as a blending mode (2)
Multi-Select from Object List for copypasting (7)
Hope bbtext can support Chinese (1)
Expression Builder/Expression Support in Simulate Jump/other events (1)
New action: clear keyboard buffer (11)
New splash screen (4)
Can someone make a networking extension for GD 5? (2)
iOS Project upload idea and New Feature Suggestion (8)
Make a Extension that lets me use my own assets on my phone (1)
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UWP and Wii U export module (2)