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Website, Forum & Wiki feedbacks Leave suggestions or report bugs about the forum, the <a href="" data-bbcode="true">GDevelop website</a> or the <a href="" data-bbcode="true">wiki</a>. Bugs reports If you encounter a bug with GDevelop, here are the steps to follow:<br> Update GDevelop if there is a new version available, and try again.<br> If the bug persists, restart your computer and try again.<br> If the bug persists, open an example project and try to reproduce the bug.<br> If the bug occurs, save the project, open a new topic in this section and share the project’s folder (zip it and host it on platforms such as <a href=""></a>). Share the link, describe the steps you follow to reproduce the bug, and state the version of your operating system and the version of GDevelop you are using. Feature requests You can leave your suggestions and improvement ideas here.